Each Captive owner becomes a Director of the Company allowing for maximum input into insurance company operation
The Premier Mark of Control
Greater control of your insurance budget through premium stabilization
Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Insurance Goals
Investment income from each owner’s distinct loss fund and potential profits accrue directly to that owner’s bottom line
Control Your Insurance Destiny

The Mission

The mission of Churchill Casualty Ltd. is to provide the highest quality insurance protection for its non-related shareholders. By bonding together to create a true sharing of risk, the shareholders can control their insurance costs and avoid the volatility of the traditional insurance industry. Additional benefits are created through the increased assurance of coverage, the stabilization of premiums and the improved management of risk through effective loss control.

The Company

The company, through the active participation of its shareholders, provides the long-term security of a well-managed off-shore insurance company. To meet this goal, only those providers of services that can meet the highest standards of excellence shall be associated with Churchill Casualty Ltd.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of Churchill Casualty Ltd. emphasizes that insurance is a manageable cost. Through the understanding of insurance as a business, Churchill Casualty Ltd. shareholders have unveiled the mystique of the insurance industry and the indiscriminate nature by which costs are determined. Through ownership in Churchill Casualty Ltd., shareholders have indeed taken control of their insurance destiny.

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