Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

Born to circumstances which forced him to question his abilities, Sir Winston Churchill was perpetually driven to fill a void of worthiness within himself. A highly ambitious person determined to fulfill his promise to succeed beyond his wildest dreams, Churchill grew to become Great Britain’s greatest statesman of the 20th century. After a lifetime of expectations and preparation for his destiny, Churchill was best known for his courageous leadership as Prime Minister during World War II.

Plagued by numerous failures and disasters throughout his life, and a political outcast for a full decade before World War II, Sir Winston Churchill rose above mediocrity in a never-ending pursuit of personal satisfaction. He was neither a party man nor a prisoner of any ideology. Churchill’s rugged individualism caused him to chart an alternative course, one that few politicians could ever envision. Unfortunately, this individualism also left him so bereft of allies and followers that the nuisance he became made him truly isolated. Yet he continued to believe that he could achieve his goal.

When his career seemed finished and he was approaching the age of sixty, Churchill gave the signs of wishing to retire; yet he held on. Churchill became galvanized by a new challenge: the re-arming of Germany. While others were content to appease and ignore, Churchill, an experienced man of war, recognized the enemy’s early intentions and warned of the dangers ahead, but his predictions were dismissed. Determined to convince everyone of the oncoming war, Churchill carried out a campaign to alert the world.

Churchill was forced to bide his time until his nation took a turn so precarious as to require his leadership. His acute awareness was ultimately recognized and his determination underscored the indispensability of his dedication to freedom and his country.

Little did Churchill know that the years of failures and obstacles, which prevented him from achieving his objective, were in fact preserving him for a higher challenge – one that he was uniquely prepared to meet.

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